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Lugana DOC

This Lugana wine is produced exclusively from Turbiana grapes, grown in the fertile plain south of Lake Garda. Here the soil is of morainic origin and is predominantly calcareous, clayey and rich in mineral salts. These very chemical and physical features give the wine a clean, powerful aroma that combines hints of almond and citrus fruits, as well as acidity, full body and a well-balanced structure. The microclimate – influenced positively by the temperate breezes from Lake Garda – is mild and fairly constant, which is perfect for highlighting the uniqueness of the Turbiana grape.

Straw yellow coloured wine, it has a fruity bouquet with floral notes. Light, flavorful with good acidity.

Food Pairings
This crisp white wine pairs well with salads, antipasti or delicate main courses such as pastas or risottos with vegetable or seafood. Paires well also with white meat.
Serve at 10-12° C.

Size 0.75 l.

Alcohol 12%  vol.


Falstaff Lugana & Custoza Trophy – 91 points