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Prosecco Treviso DOC Brut

PASSIONE E SENTIMENTO Four bottles born out of the Pasqua family’s passion for wine, its long-standing tradition and its strong link with its city of origin, Verona, with its history, culture and beauty. If wine “is the Poetry of the Earth to the Heavens”, as Mario Soldati said, it is also a story, and this wine tells the love story that made Verona famous all over the world, that of the sweethearts Romeo and Juliet. A legend, a place, a myth that attracts thousands of tourists every day to visit one of the most romantic places and invites them to leave and exchange messages of love in the courtyard of “Juliet’s house”- An original photograph of the Juliet’s courtyard by photographer Giò Martorana, has become the only look for these wines, an unmistakable element of their identity.

Sparkling wine made using the Charmat method, produced with the “Glera” varietal, native to the Treviso area. In this land there are the best soils and weather conditions, ensuring a wine with unique characteristics. It is a vivacious and fresh wine that is versatile and quaffable, suitable for all occasions.

Bright straw yellow in colour, enhanced with evident greenish highlights.Fruity and rather intense on the nose, it is fresh and balanced on the palate. The mouth-feel is aromatic and has good length, with a pleasantly tangy and mineral finish.

Food Pairings
An ideal aperitif wine, it goes well with appetizers, white meats and fish. Serve cold at 6-8° C.

Size 0.75 l.

Alcohol 11% vol.