House of the Unconventional

Pasqua, House of the Unconventional is the embodiment of a bold spirit that displays a keenness for innovation and curiosity about the world. These qualities inspire our philosophy, vision and daily actions. The winery is a place where tradition and research converge, where history doesn’t lock you in the past but continually pushes you to look forward and beyond.

World famous poet Arch Hades is the female face and central figure of our new campaign. Her works of lyrical verse are classical yet simultaneously modern, and have become #1 bestsellers in many countries. "You still have time to create the you you want to be". This excerpt reminds us that there’s always time to change paths and create something new, different and unconventional.

We could not have chosen anyone other than the photographer Ale Burset for our photo shoot. He has won numerous international awards, 36 of which at the ‘Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’, making him one of the most acclaimed photographers of the last 30 years.

The creative agency is SMALL.




In the House of the Unconventional, we don’t serve wine in a traditional way.
Because PassioneSentimento, with its ruby color, is born to rewrite all the rules.
Even those of gravity. 




In the House of the Unconventional, each toast elevates your senses to a new dimension.
Especially if it is made with our Amarone Mai Dire Mai.
Have you already fallen in love with it? 






Ale Burset

Ale Burset was born in Argentina in 1970.

He discovered photography when he was 27. Since then, he decided to devote to photography. Based in Madrid, work in NY and Europe big time of the year.
During the first years, he worked for magazines and the fashion world. And from 2002, he is engaged in the advertising world. He worked for international brands such as Nike, Volkswagen, Renault, Save the Children, Sky Vodka, Lavazza, Campari, among many others. He also photographed stars like Messi, Emma Thompson, AC/DC, Clive Owen, Helena Christensen, Mikey Rourke, Paolo Sorrentino, François-Marie Banier, Marino Parisotto, Daniela Pestova, Eva Riccobono, Hannelore Knuts, Dennis Chambers, Jimmy Buttler, Kate Nauta, amongst others.

His photography is based in a powerful visual impact achieved by his obsessive light treatment, and a careful art and actor’s direction.

He has published four books with his personal works. The last one “Baroque” is based on interpretations of works of artists such as Caravaggio, Murillo, Ribera and Gentileschi. He has won 36 awards in Cannes (being one of the most awarded photographers in the last 30 years) and many other international awards and he is actually a worldwide-recognized advertising and fashion photographer.

For the last ten years, Ale Burset occupies the number 1 position in the ranking of the renowned advertising magazine Luerzer s Archive.



Arch Hades

Arch Hades is an acclaimed, bestselling British poet. Contemporary, yet classical, she is best known for writing lyrical poetry about modern romance, love and loss, in a traditional Romantic style.

When travelling, Hades fills postcards with prose and rhyming verse about the places she visits. Her postcard collections are published in her books.
She now spends her spare time tearing through books and has eclectic taste – Goethe, Virginia Woolf, Somerset Maugham and the cult Slovenian philosopher Zizek are among her favorites.

Arch's debut book became a number one poetry bestseller in Canada and Australia in 2019, reached the Top 20 in the USA poetry charts and peaked at number seven on Amazon's Poetry chart in the UK - and has become an official bestseller with sales of more than 10,000.

Hades lives in London with her corgi, Byron.