TasteSustainabilityis a new project for Pasqua in conjunction with WiredFuture, new digital experience enabling Pasqua to take a preliminary look at the topic of sustainability based on listening and observing.


Sustainability is a complex and urgent issue that calls for commitment, investment and forward planning. In this series of podcasts comprising a number of interviews our aim is to tackle the topic from various points of view through the experience and voices of key players who hold various roles in the community. It is our view that listening and understanding are the first steps necessary to commence a genuine and sustainable revolution.





COO and Head of Contents Treccani Futura

Episode 1

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous mobility, personalized medicine, travel to Mars. These are some of the cornerstones that the present uses to build the future. Talking about technology today also means talking about sustainable development.

What does this mean? What tools do we need to bring us closer to a sustainable world? We talk to Cristina Pozzi ,Coo & Head of Contents at Treccani Futura.


Coordinatore Nazionale
di Base Italia

Episode 2

Is it possible to envisage sustainable automatization processes?

Marco Bentivogli, ex Secretary General of Fim Cisl and today National Coordinator for Base, explains how the transition towards sustainability needs to see a change in narrative and everyone is required to make lifestyle changes.


Chairman, Partner
Primo Venture

Episode 3

Business and sustainability. Can we really envisage a future without considering sustainability? Today every business must ask itself how its business can contribute to improving our future. Commitment to sustainability is now also an essential factor in the world of finance. Gianluca Dettori, Chairman & Partner of Primo Venture talks to us on the issue.


Creative Director &
Co-Founder at Eco-Age

Episode 4

Is it possible that fashion, that by definition is fleeting, could ever in fact be sustainable? Today we ask Livia Firth, Founder of the Green Carpet Challenge as well as Co-Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age, an integrated consultancy company and world leader in sustainability.