At Pasqua we believe in talent and passion. In the tenacity that goes along with the quest for excellence.


We believe that it's not enough just to do things right but also in an innovative way. We are not afraid to break the mould and look for quality in an unconventional way. We love Italy and especially Verona, the land where our vineyards and our history have their roots. We started from here and arrived the world over. We like to think that our world has no boundaries.

These are our values, which we found in young talent, bold, brave, innovators, who dream big; who, from Verona and Veneto have started to build their history and turn their dreams into projects and real life. In their stories we recognize our own history. In their dreams, our ambition to always do better. We shared their dream and helped make it happen.
There are three talents that have become the protagonists of our new advertising campaign: let's dive into their personality.


Francesco Molinari

37, the world's best Italian golfer


The Pasqua family believe in talent and passion; in the tenacity that goes hand in hand with the quest for excellence. Francesco Molinari, one of the world's most talented Italians, displays the same values, and the family have chosen him as a brand ambassador for their wines worldwide.
Francesco Molinari is widely considered the best Italian golfer in the world. He entered the world's golfing history books with the 147th British Open, the first Italian to win a major tournament. In 2018 he won the Race to Dubai and became the first Italian in golf history to be crowned Europe's best player. Also in 2018 he played a leading role in winning the 2019 Ryder Cup, held in Paris, as part of the European team.

Francesco Molinari is the pride of Italy and a model to imitate, because he always aims higher, never satisfied, with a commitment that goes beyond success and failure. After every result, he declares and demonstrates his determination to work every day towards the next goal, with a constancy that makes him an example in the world of sports and beyond.

Francesco Molinari will be the new protagonist of "Talent never tasted better", the advertising campaign initiated by the Verona wine producer in 2018 which focuses on valorising talent and in recent years has supported talented young Italians on the global scene, helping to fund their dreams.



Diego Rossi

34 years old, chef.
From Verona to Milan.


Mustache, tattoos, work bandana, Veronese and with a rock'n'roll soul. Diego, today, is one of the most popular talents on the Milanese restaurant scene. After years of apprenticeship haute cuisine kitchens, he arrived in Milan and met his friend and partner Pietro Caroli.

Diego is determined and has so many dreams, above all to open his own restaurant. In the summer of 2015 he inaugurated his "Trattoria Trippa", in Via Vasari and, he did it with a precise idea: create an authentic gastronomic scene where everyone can rediscover real popular culinary traditions. It's a challenge, that requires a lot of sweat, and contrary to the canons of fashionable and gourmet restaurants of the Lombard capital. The goodness of "poor" ingredients revisited by the chef's creativity become the guiding principles of his recipes, served in an authentic setting without frills and artifacts. The idea has proven successful because Diego is motivated by his tenacity, enthusiasm and professionalism that lead him to obtain different awards from Gambero Rosso, the I Cento guides, L'Espresso, Identità Golose and Michelin.

At Pasqua we are like Diego, for this reason we believe in him, we recognize ourselves in his determination, in his desire to create new forms of excellence that are strictly authentic. We saw in his talent and in inner strength our work or every day, our history. Diego loves everything authentic and, in the case of wine, wine that is natural. Another dream is to create a label with his image and likeness. We've started working with him on this project, and we are confident that this dream too will soon become reality.



Lidia Caricasole

22 years old, dancer.
From Verona to New York.


Veronese, she put on ballet slippers for the first time when she was 6 and decided not to ever take them off again. Dance became her world, her language, her pleasure. She dreamed of dancing at the Juilliard School in New York, a four-year path that would one day lead to a professional career. Juilliard is one of the principal schools of art, music and entertainment in the world. For the fairy-tale to come true there is an audition that must be passed. This dream soon became a daily goal, a commitment to hard work and tenacity, preparation and sweating. Training every afternoon after school. Lidia dances, turns, learns to be balanced between her aspirations and the humility required to learn step by step. Her graduation year arrives and Lidia decides to apply for admission to Julliard. The first audition doesn't not turn out the way she desired. But Lidia doesn't give up and decides to try again. After another year of hard work, Lidia returns to NYC even more determined. New audition. And this time she is very successful. The cost of this academic path is very expensive and for this reason Lidia sought a patron.

At Pasqua we saw, in the talent and tenacity of Lidia, the same values that characterize our daily work. We made Lidia's dreams our dream and decided to contribute to the expenses of her education. Today Lidia is one of 12 young women in the class of 2021 at Juilliard and the only Italian. Passion, grit, harmony, elegance, excellence. Attitudes that go with the tempo of her heart and follow her steps. Pasqua believes in you. You continue to do the same. Go for it, Lidia.



Giorgia Fincato

37 years old, artist.
From Veneto to New York.


Her talent is reflected in every single gesture, in her passion and overwhelming attention to detail. These few words suffice to describe the innate gifts of Giorgia Fincato. Eclectic and unconventional artist, genius in knowing how to grasp the essence of the simplest things, of the universal in the detail. Her continuous line drawing, developed on perspective planes, has always been characteristic of her most authentic artistic language. The inner expressiveness of Giorgia is nothing more than an extension of her body, the material trace of her existence, in a crescendo of perspective construction and destruction. Originality and beauty inspire her every thought. Finished her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Giorgia began her artistic career between Rome and New York, where she began exhibiting in famous historic galleries. Every place that she passes through enchants her, gets inside her and becomes art, every mood becomes a line, her interpretation of reality, of life, of all things. At Pasqua we believed in Giorgia right from the start because we too try to give shape to wines with distinctive personalities, out of the ordinary.

We see ourselves in her will and determination, extraordinary qualities that have the power to give life to something authentic. We have entrusted an art project to Giorgia that will be unveiled at Vinitaly and then presented in all markets in which we operate. Giorgia we're with you, we are proud to have believed in your dream, proud to support your talent.